Support Policy

We know there are thousands of web hosting companies out there wanting your business, and we strive to be a company who provides stellar customer service and is open, honest and trustworthy with all of our clients, even if we can’t always provide them with the news they are hoping to hear. And it is this integrity and trustworthiness that we hope will set us apart from the rest!

While we might be considered a small company compared to some of the big name brands out there, we feel this gives us a unique opportunity to provide all of our clients with a level of customer service that soars above the mediocre level of service provided by some of the big brands - our clients aren't just an account number or a monetary value to us; they are a part of our ZetaServe "family" and have helped shaped us into who we are as a company.

In some respects, we are a very traditional company, and you might even say old-fashioned - we work extremely hard for our clients and often go beyond the call of duty, but we're not caught up in the 24/7 support craze to the extent that other hosting companies are, or at least pretend to be. There used to be a time when stores were closed on Sundays, and most people took some time to rest and enjoy fun time with their families/kids, friends and neighbors. While today's society encourages everyone to be on the move 24/7, shopping and consuming all the time, we're simply not like that. We have our work hours, and we have our non-work hours. If you have an emergency, we're here for you 24/7, but most requests are not of an emergency nature and don't really need to be answered at 3:17AM.

Lastly, we do not provide support via telephone. Why? Frankly because it's inefficient and we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same quality assistance over the phone. We have a small team of highly skilled technicians who respond within minutes to any support ticket opened during business hours or any high priority ticket submitted outside business hours. We can often handle a dozen or more support tickets in the time it would take to handle a single request via telephone. Chances are we will even have responded to your support ticket in less time than it would have taken you to wait on hold and speak to a telephone support agent at one of the big name brands! As long as you make sure to provide as much information as possible on your support request, we'll have your questions answered and problems solved in no time.

Support Schedule

Business Hours (9AM to 7PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday)

During business hours, you can open a support ticket. You can expect to receive a timely response within an hour - we usually try to reply within 15 minutes.

Outside Normal Business Hours

Outside normal business hours, which includes the hours between 7PM and 9AM, weekends and major holidays, we are still available to answer support requests submitted through our website. However, low and medium priority tickets may be deferred until the next business day. Emergency tickets marked high priority will be attended to immediately regardless of the day or time, provided a true emergency condition exists.


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